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Autumn of 2016

Teleclass Study Group
Wednesdays 6-7 Starting October 19

Practical Spirituality: Living in the Modern World

Tuesday, April 12, 2011



Fee: $77

This class will focus on the foundational concepts and techniques utilized in The School of Practical Spirituality, an ongoing multimodal community of like-minded women who come together and learn, study and grow using the basic tools of Kabbalah and esoteric healing practices.

In this 1/2 day workshop you will learn:

* Basic concepts related to internal contentment and wellness

* Foundational language and the understanding of the , the foundational map of the unseen architecture which underlies all aspects of daily living, as well as the Kabbalistic Tree of Life .

* Spiritual practices, meditations and prayers

* Basic teachings in spiritual practice from the Ancient Wisdom Teachings, as well as the Great Kabbalists R. Isaac Luria and R. Aryeh Kaplan

* Tools for being a practical mystic, a spiritual person grounded in everyday life

This class is open to women of all traditions and spiritual paths. While a prerequisite for the school, any interested woman may attend this foundations class in a stand alone manner.

Join us and bring a friend!

For more info and to register:

For more information about the school, see:

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